About Course

This course teaches various insecure implementations of Json Web Token (JWT) based REST APIs. This course begins by introducing students to the fundamental Json Web Token concepts. Even though, this is an entry level to intermediate level course, we encourage you to take this course if you already have basic Web Security knowledge as this course is designed to provide knowledge specific to Json Web Tokens and it does not cover the fundamentals of Web Security Testing and REST API Security Testing.

Do note that the course involves a lot of JWT fundamental concepts and only the last module covers the practical attacks against JWT. So, please get your expectation right before jumping on the course. Rest Assured, you will feel confident about Json Web Tokens and JWT Security testing after completing this course.

As a bonus, a Virtual Machine is provided with all the source code used in the labs. So, you can change the code to have few more vulnerable implementations of JWT. 

What do you learn?

Get indepth knowledge about JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Various practical JWT Attacks

How to do JWT based REST API Security testing

How Hash Based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) works

How to use open ssl command line client to practice Cryptographic algorithms

JWT Implementation Weaknesses

How to securing JWT Implementations

How HS256 and RS256 Algorithms work

How RSA Digital Signatures work


This course covers all the required basics

REST API/Web Application penetration testing knowledge is good to have

Who is this course for?

Penetration Testers

Web or API Developers

Mobile Application Developers

Security professionals who are interested in REST API Security

Security professionals who are interested in JWT Security

Anyone who is interested in ethical hacking and penetration testing

Anyone who is interested in information security concepts

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