About Course

This course introduces students to the security concepts associated with Docker builds. Docker is a popular software and it is widely used in Information Technology Industry. It's popularity also brings a larger attack surface and thus it is important to understand it's security aspects to be able to protect Docker containers. 

One of the first steps in building secure Docker images is to write the Dockerfile with build instructions by following security best practices. This is the first stage of hardening your Docker containers. This course provides various tips and techniques with practical examples to produce secure docker builds.

This course is designed for students with any experience. If you never used Docker, its fine we have covered the basics and we will discuss how to instal Docker. If you have used Docker for containerizing your applications, thats even better. You know how to build docker images. So this course will build your skills on top of it.

It should be noted that this course is different from the other Docker Security course we published earlier. While the other courses focus completely on attacks and how to penetrate, this course's primary focus is to show the defenses and best practices to protect containers from security issues.

What Do You Learn?

  • Fundamentals of Docker Images and Containers.
  • How to run a docker container
  • How Dockerfile can be written with security best practices
  • How to build your first docker image
  • Fundamentals of Docker build security
  • How to minimize the attack surface of Docker containers


  • Good to have basic knowledge of Docker

This course is closed for enrollment.